Anxiety Triggers – Alone and in Company

Is anxiety something that is there all the time, or is it especially active when others are there? I asked the question of if you lost a bit of nervousness in social situations or at work, would you feel more confident, and the answer was not a resounding yes. Anxiety is triggered by many different situations, depending on the root causes that put it there in first place. If these root causes involve being unsafe alone, then that is an anxiety trigger. If these root causes involve other people, especially in big public places like a school or workplace, then this is the bigger anxiety trigger.

We are all different. For some people, anxiety is greatest when they are alone. For some, just being alone is scary and feels unsafe. For others, this is the time when those awful negative thoughts come one after the other, without someone else there to help with distraction or some kind of comforting.

So, if you suffer from anxiety, which describes you better; unable to rest and relax even when alone, or afraid of what others may think of you or do to you?

If it is an anxiety that increases when alone, then avoiding being alone can be one option. If it is when being with others, then avoiding work situations is almost impossible unless you give up work (as well as social situations, of course).

Whatever the root causes and triggers of the anxiety, there is one great self-help and practitioner-led method that has done very well with anxiety and passed many an evidence-based study. The really neat thing about this method is that it gives you control and gives you simple tools you can use yourself, for example, in-between practitioner visits.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is exactly that. It is designed to release the energy blocks that keep triggering situations triggering you. Once the energy blocks are gone, the trigger can no longer be that nasty horrible trigger it once was, and you may even wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. The method combines releasing wording with acupressure, targeted at specific root causes and triggers, to basically knock the sail out of those triggers and give you the control and calm you want.

Sounds too good to be true? There are many low-cost and easy ways to find out. Many practitioners have a free guide available via their websites, so download one or two and get to know more. See how you feel.

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