Do not put yourself in unnecessary risk this Bonfire and firework season

Bonfire night and fireworks displays will also look and feel different this year, as people are encouraged not to put themselves at unnecessary risk.

Though many are cancelled, some organised events are still happening, but under strict guidelines, including in some cases the need to pre-order tickets and refreshments.

Attendees will need to adhere to the current rules of course, including social distancing, the Rule of Six, face coverings in enclosed spaces where social distancing is impossible, and regular hand hygiene soap and water or hand sanitiser is available.

Dr Virginia Pearson, Director of Public Health DevonDr Virginia Pearson, Director of Public Health Devon said:

“As with Halloween, the public health message is not to put yourself at unnecessary risk. We’re in a pandemic.  That requires us all to play our part and to behave responsibly, not just for our own health but for that of others including our closest family members.

“The Fire and Rescue advice is against having bonfires and fireworks at home, because they can result in injuries, and closely supervise children with sparklers.   However you celebrate the occasion, please remember the COVID-19 rules around the size of the group and social distancing.

“If you’re attending an organised display, please only do so if you do not have any of the symptoms of coronavirus – the high temperature, the new and continuous cough, or the loss or change in your usual sense of taste or smell.

“Be careful about how you travel to the event, and try to stay in the open air as much as possible, while being careful to socially distance and not meet in groups larger than six people.

“While we are living with coronavirus, we need it to become second nature that we remain on our guard all the time, and that’s especially true in crowded places or events.”



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