Don’t Hesitate When It Comes to Procrastination

Procrastination: the art of putting off what you know you either have to do or even want to do for reasons whatever excuses or reasons you believe. These excuses are like rocks blocking your path along which you must go if you want to achieve your goal. They may seem to be totally immoveable yet when challenged you will begin to realise that even the largest rock may not be as solid as you once thought it was.

You’ve been thinking and planning something for as long as you can remember and now you know that unless you get on and do it that the day will come when it might not be possible to achieve any more. So what about the ‘rocks’ blocking your way? Choose one of them. Tell me: ‘I can’t move forward on this project that I really want to do because so and so can’t be changed.’

Is that right? Is it absolutely always right? Might there be times or possibilities that it might not be true? If so then it can be changed. Even if it is a solid rock it may become smaller and so more moveable if you change the way you think about it.

You may not be doing something because of what you believe others’ reactions to you making those changes: are you sure? Have you actually had a conversation with those people about what you are thinking of doing? The bottom line is this: if there is something you want to change and the only reason you are not taking those first steps is because of what someone else might say or think of you, then think again about your own personal happiness and life. Are you going to live your life unhappily for the sake of not upsetting someone, (and this might only be in your mind rather than the reality of what that person might think of what you do) or are you going to go ahead making your way forward in such a way that it becomes a win-win solution not only for you but also for those close to you who you don’t want to upset.

Stop hesitating when it comes to procrastination. Make a plan and decide on the very first step you have to take today. Once you start you will move forward. When you reach an obstacle challenge how solid it is and push it out of the way so you move forward towards achieving your goals without further delay!

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