Extended Stay Accommodations – Good for Those Having Medical Treatment

When you’ve got a time consuming medical emergency either in your life or in a loved one’s life that can’t be dealt with in your own city or town, it can get tricky, time-consuming, and quite expensive. If you have to travel several hours daily for several weeks in order to receive treatment or be there for someone going through treatment, dealing with a serious illness, or recovering from surgery, costs add up and time is consumed hungrily. Using nearby extended stay accommodations could be a way to get through this time just a little bit easier.

Reduce Travel Time and Costs

Being able to stay near the hospital cuts travel time considerably for those enduring treatment. Or, if you’ve got someone in the hospital for a lengthy stay or in the case of palliative care, being near the facility saves costs and travel time enabling you to spend more time and have a better balance during this difficult time.

Extended Stay Furnished Accommodations

There are many extended stay accommodations in cities that have large hospitals. Furnished apartments or condos are available for short term rentals that are usually a month or longer. When undergoing chemotherapy that requires many visits to a hospital or when having a loved one recover from a serious operation that you need to spend time with over several weeks, having close by and comfortable living quarters could definitely be a way for a family and a patient to be better able to cope with the difficulty. It’s much easier to plan financially when you know precisely what your monthly costs are going to be.

Staying in a hotel is expensive. It’s also typically cramped and not as comfortable as staying in an apartment that gives you space to stretch as well as many of the comforts of home. Having a furnished apartment where you can do your own cooking, be able to do laundry, and even to have several people stay with you in one location (or rotate staying at) and/or for carpooling and expense pooling purposes could make good fiscal sense as well as make it easier on all family members involved.

Many renowned hospitals exist in areas where the hotels are expensive and eating in nearby restaurants is pricy as well. Being able to stay in a furnished apartment with the ability to cook and to be close enough to the hospital to use public transit or even to walk to, could work out to be far less expensive for you, despite what might seem like a hefty rental price tag. If you do the math, share the expenses (if possible) and consider your time as an important factor it typically works out that extended stay condos or apartments are worth the investment.

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